Rebar Estimating, Detailing

We have put together a group of engineers having years of experience working in different parts of the world and aided them with state-of-the-art technology and tools of the trade and the end result is a dynamic team that can take on any type of rebar related projects. We have estimated and detailed projects ranging from concrete high rises to 1,000+ stall parking garages to water/waste treatment plants to DOT bridges/concrete paving and multi-family/mixed use buildings covering large city blocks just to name a few. We have worked on projects by all major structural engineers and with years of experience in the industry we have put together a comprehensive list of rebar densities which comes in handy for a project that is not 100% designed.

Quantity Reconciliation

In a fast paced world of construction life cycle, most projects are bid and awarded well prior to engineers being caught up with their designs. When the final design is ready there is always a need for a third party to come help reconcile reinforcing steel quantities. We can be your resource to help come in as an independent consultant and help resolve the quantity discrepancy in a fair, timely and cost effective manner.

PT Cable Estimating, Detailing

We have resources to detail/estimate all your post tension cable need. We also help you with your friction calc needs.